“Pesky Chelsea fans, Blame the Catholic schools, fine Bear on Bear action” Ibrox bar in Benidorm robbed and smashed up

It is always a shame when you hear about theft and vandalism, the Ibrox Bar has suffered both over night with their cigarettes, booze and money stolen and even moments like 55 and the Petroltank cup parade busted up.

It is thought to have cost as much as £6k in damages, hopefully insurance will be able to compensate them from this horrible crime.

Twitter however was some what cynical.

The yobs left a trail of destruction during the raid totalling around €6,000 (£5,054) in damages – with precious memorials for Rangers fans broken and smashed.

Owner Wilma Wallace, who runs the bar with daughter Laura, 33, said she was beyond tears when she walked into the devastation on Saturday morning.

She told the Scottish Sun Online: “When we got broken into, I came in and I couldn’t even cry.

“I was just deflated that much. No tears would come out my eyes.

“It’s been a really hard two years with the pandemic, and then this.”

Spanish cops have now launched a probe to track the fiends responsible.

“People like to bring their loved ones pictures in, and we keep them framed in the bar. We also have a plaque listing people whose ashes have been scattered outside the bar. In normal circumstances, that happens two or three times a year.

“People like to know the pictures are here, and they’re still with the Rangers family at the bar. 

“When they’ve come in and broken into the cigarette machine, they smashed all the pictures and stood all over them.

“They didn’t know they were special to us, or the people who leave them but it’s not the point.

“Police think they know who did it, but they must have been wearing gloves because there were no fingerprints.”

Celts were on hand to have a laugh at the insura…. horrible robbery.

Jump on this thread and add your own reply, the bar isn’t getting much sympathy and the fiends are not thought to be among those who wear green regularly.

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