Video: “Rampant match fixing, blatant, literally works at their academy” Celts rage at “Honest mistake” for the Newco

If this were the other way around Porteous would have gotten a red card, that he has been wrestled to the ground without any acknowledgement with the referee having an unimpeded view is peak Nick Walsh.

Dafabet should give a likelihood for Walsh to give a penalty for Rangers, but you could be sure it would bankrupt them.

4 of the last 5 Sevco games Walsh has given them a piggyback.

He also denies stonewallers like the one below.

Celtic fans had plenty to say, add your own comment on this thread.

Whilst the defender gets the ball he also takes the player out without clearing his lines, I agree this is a penalty, but when one is blown and the other is let go it is extremely hard to believe in the decisions of the officials, much as happened when the Ibrox outfit played against Livingston a few weeks ago.

Whilst this was a foul he got the ball, for Porteous he got a rugby challenge, one is a penalty technically and the other, well I will leave that for you to decide.

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