The rewrite continues: “Rangers didn’t die it was attempted murder – we survived and we are stronger than ever”

You have to give it to the People, they can watch their club die by its own hand and claim they survived attempted murder, no different to their endless howls of child abuse whilst forgetting about Dunn and Neely and being the Queens’s XI, well, erm…BJK.

Add your own reply to this delusion, they cannot for a second claim to have a braincell between them, they cheated lied, doped the league, watched their club die, conspired to throw off all their debts and then did it.

They killed their club, watched their players leave for tuppence, applied to join the Premiership, the old Division 1 and before Division 2 could deny them asked to start their journey in Division 3 before the juniors asked them to get back to the West of Scotland League.

10 years on, they are still dead, Celtic are within touching distance of the Oldco’s alleged world record, we have 112 against the dead clubs 115, should we win the treble, we will be a trophy off the dead clubs tally.

Or 2 trophies if you want to count the combined Oldco/Newco Rangers tally of 116 top flight plus their revered Petrol Tank, Championship, League 1 and Division 3 triumphs.

Of course, 4 of those are for wee ditty clubs, Celtic do not play for lower league titles, we have never been relegated, demoted or in truth asked to start from scratch.

We are a club that pays our bills, our tax and when we were in crisis, we rallied around and paid every single penny.

Attempted murder? I thought deflection FC said that football clubs couldn’t die?

They are making it up as they go along, add your own reply to the thread above.

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