News Video: “After 140 years, today Rangers died. Cavalier, reckless and ultimately suicidal spending”

Wow it is amazing to look at the facts as they were then and the noise as it is now.

When this video was made Sevco were just created, Charles Green was the man in charge and Ally McCoist was picking up a world record salary for a team in the 4th tier of any competition in world football.

The term “Hun” didn’t get you a ban on facebook and didn’t mean the worlds Protestant population, it also was normal to talk about the campaign to say No to the Newco.

Weeks later Chuckles said ahh go on lets have our 140th birthday party and the continuity myth was born.

This then spawned the we saved our club myth.

Now we are hearing the you won without any competition myth, don’t talk about the quadruple treble and scream Terry Munro, reult broke them can you see us noo patter.

The facts are that last year was a sore one, it won’t easily be forgotten and I don’t expect them to go easy on us, goodness knows I was gloating in 1998.

But the simple facts are that they are a company in distress and need urgent funds, should we win the league this season, we will starve them of money when they are most hungry for it.

Stopping the 10 may well bring about Admin 2, don’t expect the police and creditors to botch it this time, every brick and speck of asbestos at Mordor will fall.

Amazing it didn’t last time.

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