Oldco idols Ibrox delusion called out: “Guys a dud, EBT’s, A coward, he’s been found out, absolute gash, quit before being humiliatingly pushed”

Whenever someone says “Fud” I immediately think of Fergie, maybe it is a bit harsh or in reality maybe Bazza embodies the term better than any of his contemporaries possibly could.

He has been quoted in his own paper the DR, dreaming out loud about a move to Ibrox to manage the Ranjuurs.

Let us hope it happens, we could do with a few more trophies, hell we are within touching distance of the Oldco’s fake world record.

GVB will certainly need to win something this year, Europe is a stretch every year for Scottish teams, The Scottish Cup features only Premiership clubs and begins with a banana skin in Dundee and the Newco currently trail Celtic in the Premiership.

If Sevco win nothing, Baz might just get his call up… pray that happens.

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