Sevco Blogs amazing claim: “Potentially Scotland’s first £30M+ player” who “Owes Rangers”

Ibrox Noise is a real piece of work, the writer likes to pull todays news and put it through that magical red, white and blue kaleidoscope that Newco fans see all things through.

Today there is talk about Kent and Aribo being offered new deals, at the same time the subtext is that there are some cheeky numbers of as low (or high depending on your point of view) as £5 million for Aribo.

Now that is a wee bit cheeky, he is their best player, young, an international and likely worth closer to £10 million, well if an offer had come in at the end of the magical 55 celebrations when he had 2 years left on his contract.

Now as the clock ticks down to the last year of his contract the issue is that he is a player Sevco will need to cash in on in the next window, get to sign a new deal or will lose for nothing or a derisory offer like the one they gave Hearts over Souttar.

But moonbeams shine eternal at Ibrox Noise!

Read this:

We’re seeing a lot of nonsense online claiming Rangers are set to ‘cash in’ on Nigerian superstar Joe Aribo purely because he enters into the final year of his contract this summer.

We say nonsense, because a great number of these supposedly-Rangers supporting websites (aye ok) allege Rangers would take a modest £5M given he’s going to be just 12 months away from a free transfer, and we have to say this is quite simply poppycock.

Joe Aribo is one our most valuable assets – in top form, at his best, with a healthy and long contract to his name, he’s potentially Scotland’s first £30M+ player.

He’s been outstanding this season, and impressive at the AFCON too, and furthermore:

Joe Aribo owes Rangers. That doesn’t mean to sound as confrontational as it possibly might, because we know the lad is a good soul and a fine ambassador for the club, but the move to Rangers has given him a much bigger profile than he could have ever achieved at Charlton, and he’s become an international as well thanks to the move.

No different to Goldson, expect Aribo to work his ticket in the summer, if there is no Champions league football guaranteed then you can guarantee he will be on his way with £5 million a hefty fee reported as “undisclosed.”

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