“That’s wild calling him a legend, 1 trophy, different clubs mate” Celts weigh in on ‘Legend’ debate

There is a debate across the city about whether Alfredo Morelos is in fact a legend, the one trophy pandemic league hero linked with more clubs than Tiger Woods owns has a decent goal scoring record both domestically and in Europe and this is being held to place him among the greats.

last season was a big win for Sevco, lets be fair we wanted the 10, but one trophy is hardly the prerequisite for being a legend.

If it is then Jota and CCV are legends on loan as they have the same amount of trophies to their names as Morelos.

This thread is a belter.

The quote retweets are full of Celts having a laugh at this, seriously the standards of what it means to be a legend have slumped somewhat.

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