“Ryan Jack at the final whistle. Should be a retro red coming his way”

Seriously does Ryan Jack need to end a career before he is punished for his petulant behaviour on the football field?

Again he slammed into an opponent with his sprigs straight into a player who received no protection from the referee.

They say that Jack “gets it” but the fact of the matter is his opponents are getting it week in week out.

It is time he was dealt with, we saw Aribo with a worse tackle than this get away without any review earlier in the season, so don’t hold your breath on there being any justice soon.

Especially with the Newco hurting as bad as they are, just expect the next week to be about Jota hand balls, no talk of Giakoumakis getting elbowed to the head and the fans of Conspiracy FC raging and comparing beating Dortmund to 1967.

Shouldn’t even have been playing today after that attack on Doak, again, I wonder if he will see the inside of a tribunal room.

Don’t hold your breath.

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