Celts laugh at Sevco J league raid: “Couldn’t afford, Imitation, your fan base like to be racist towards Japanese, don’t do ginger bottles”

The SMSM fake blog The Rangers Review is showing itself to be as clueless as their red top owners, always looking for someone else work to put a blue tint on it and claim it for themselves.

Now after all doing the Kyogo on buses, ringing the council over a flag outside a pub and calling Kyogo a diver, the poor dears have decided the only thing for it is to go and buy 3 Japanese players of their own.

They have already earmarked 3 and if you want to pay a subscription you can find out who and where they play.

As it is the players would all be worth a fee, need to get work permits and would have to be blind death and dumb to escape the racist element that is the mainstream and not the minority at the Newco.

Armed forces day would be lots of fun for example, anyone brandishing a Japanese flag would be as offensive as a Saltire or Tricolour and likely start a petition or 2 or maybe just lead to the sharing of numbers where you can complain about such behaviour.

The staunch and former adversaries do not mix.

Celts had their say.

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