Newco Rangers delisted from stockbroker after latest confetti issue

Not to use emotive terms or to point score but to simply state facts, The company founded in 2012 named Sevco Scotland Ltd which bought a basket of divisible assets and later changed its name on the 31st of July 2012 to The Rangers FC has taken yet another hit after its delisting and near cold shouldering.

Now after yet another unannounced share issue which carried no prospectus or opportunity for the public to purchase shares nor existing shareholders to complain or seek assurances over their stakes, JP Jenkins has dumped Newco Rangers from its trading platform.

Newco Rangers haven’t had a NOMAD since Dave King lead a coup which kept the successor club at Ibrox in the Championship and bankrupted them in the process.

They had been living hand to mouth the year before, MASH actually saved them with a reported £5 million loan and 5 Newcastle United players on loan but the shirt deal and the badge in Ashleys hands sent the people into meltdown.

As in 2012, wrecking the hoos and starting from scratch were seen as better than living up to the deals they had signed.

Now JP Jenkins have had enough, below are the thoughts of some Celtic fans and also many famous journalists tagged, I wonder what the SMSM spin on this will be?

There also many others like these below, jump on the thread and add your own.

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