Celtic FC, Celtic Boys club and Catholicism blamed for 13 suicides in libellous article, the club must act

I have seldom read anything in what purports to be an actual MSM publication which sounds like it was written by Joseph Black MBE, Giovanni va Souness or even Gary Hood, those of you who are among Celtic twitter will know well who I am talking about.

Jordan Shepard has embarked on an exercise of blackening the name of Celtic just as we have pulled ahead, the Ibrox mob are renown for answering a set back with a heap of Torbet memes or BJK etc.

You talk of Dunn and Neely and they talk about how they died before they could be put on trial so there were no convictions, you state ours have been convicted and are serving hard time they bring up their Penn state fantasy and bleat on that the club will be hit with well, Prince Andrew style sums of compensation.

The facts are that speeding fines are higher than pay outs to victims of sexual abuse in the UK, the people know this well, they also know that The Celtic Boys Club was a separate entity, the article below is particularly dangerous as it states that the peadophiles were in fact employed directly by Celtic FC or as it would have been The Celtic Football and Athletic Club.

The worst part of this article is how vaguely it speaks, stating it has no evidence but makes continual allegations.

As written in the Scottish Daily Express:

The deaths of 13 former Celtic Boys Club players could be linked to sexual abuse at the club, according to an investigation by Spotlight.

It says that they have found almost 40 boys who have since died due to suicide, violence or addiction whose names and ages could match former players – 13 of those are confirmed to have played under paedophiles employed by Celtic FC or Celtic Boys Club.

The group says it has identified a staggering 80 abuse survivors but believes the true number could be much higher, with potentially hundreds more victims yet to come forward.

The article is long and continues.

We are unable to publish most of the names as many of those involved have never been officially identified as victims and some families could be unaware of the abuse their children suffered.

That is to say that they have no idea what they are writing about and are merely speculating.

Then they bring the church into it after a former youth player was murdered by someone not in any way connected to Celtic.

The number ‘110’ was carved into the palms of his hands and carved into his shoulder, though never explained it has been theorised that it could be connected to Catholicism though this has never been proved.

Then the terminology becomes very stark, if the club allows such words to be printed in the SMSM then hell mend what we will read going forward.

Spotlight told the Scottish Daily Express: “Victims of child sexual abuse and their families continue to suffer long after the abuse has stopped. The Celtic Paedophile Ring scandal is much bigger than anyone knows.

No call for justice of those raped at Ibrox or other clubs, send them to the liquidators.

At the end of the article it states that Celtic have been contacted for comment meaning that the club is fully aware of this defamation.

It is about time that the club took publications like this to task, it is an overtly Unionist gutter comic that needs to write sensationalist garbage to try and garner a readership.

Here is a sample of tweets in the last 24 hours.

So there is of course the royal family, staunchness is a key thread with this publication.

Half of their posts revolve around Sturgeon.

Nippy again.

Wow look the royals.

Nicola has been busy.

The head of HMRC, the skelper herself.

Guess who.

One more time.

No attempt to mislead, that’s good enough for me.

Sturgeon, North Korea and Christmas cards are a lexicon here.

Queens fave? This is just clickbait surely.

How to beat the Nats. Nothing like destroying your own nation.

This is the ilk that are defaming our club, time it was challenged.

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