Rangers fan turns on Allan McGregor with video compilation of 4 goals that cost 6 points.

Oh seriously I checked the score at half time and saw 2-0, thought I would go for a walk and come home and fix dinner, little did I know that Shagger was again doing his bit for the cause.

Ibrox fans are beside themselves online, a massive opportunity to close the gap has been lost and in truth Celtic have dodged a bullet that itself could have put paid to our title hopes.

We have a horrible game coming up vs Livingstone before the break and as it stands if we can see of St. Mirren at home regardless of that result we will be top of the league when the international games are played and likely have Kyogo back upon resumption.

The below compilation is an absolute disaster, my favourite is the Ross County goal, why he tries to shove his crotch at the ball is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, being sent for a hot dog guarding the near stick is always worth a chuckle.

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