Tom English is squealing for the Oldfirm tag to taint Celtic

The tour of Australia or whatever it is looks set to be an absolute nightmare for Celtic, the facts are the fans are vehemently against it and we are awaiting Celtic dusting off the Oldco’s name when we played them before they died, namely the Oldfirm.

This seems like pure wedge politics, get a manager who is loved by his support, make him say Oldfirm 50 times and have the support hate him, regardless, we will see the press probe this relentlessly.

It isn’t as if Ange can come out and say they died and it isn’t his fault they can’t pay the face painter let alone the tax man.

But that people working for the BBC themselves who wouldn’t know a football if it hit them in the face are gloating that Celtic are about to make money from a historical nickname is ridiculous.

I am very happy for Celtic to play a 4 team tournament, just as long as all the clubs didn’t die, screw over 276 creditors, claim a dead clubs history and attack all and sundry after a generation of industrial scale cheating.

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