Twitter poll shows incredible anger over tour plans, you can still vote.

Celtic are taking a step into the surreal by actually playing the Ibrox mob in Australia in a friendly whilst the World Cup is on in November.

The move is being taken bitterly by Celtic fans who resent the idea of Celtic and the Ibrox mob having any form of partnership or being seen as some sort of joint commodity.

The words Old firm will likely be said 4 million times between now and then and you just know that the club which in fairness doesn’t use the terms will dust it off for this act of blatant commercialism.

The idea that this will bring in money to the club means nothing, it brings in the same for them and the less money we put in their pockets the better.

The 24 hours travel one way is only going to leave players stiff and sore, in a season when we have had half a dozen torn hamstrings this is really crazy.

Australian fan site OzCelts has published a poll and the numbers are not good for Celtic who have been tagged in the post along with the Ibrox team.

Vote yourself and retweet, if you are not on Twitter it is running over 85% against with over 750 votes tallied.

Celtic shared are saying what many are thinking.

Below is the clubs actual announcement, it say that a 4 team tournament will take place but doesn’t state which teams will be involved.

If The Rangers were not one of them this idea might gain traction.

With them, expect to see a Tifo about this very soon.

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