Club “1872” send raging letter to Ibrox club over Ange homecoming… oops I mean Sydney Cup

Well who would have thought that The People would be more upset about the Sydney Cup than Celtic fans would be.

Both sets of fans do not like the idea of working in any form of partnership, but in the last 24 hours Celtic fans are cooling down more than warming to the idea of the tournament.

Sevco fans however seeing this being billed as Ange’s homecoming tour are feeling like the ugly girl hanging out with the cheerleaders.

Now a club founded in 2012 which had vast grass roots support for a period of months before descending into chaos and having the millions it has invested flittered away by confetti share issues is now throwing its weight around the blue room.

As reported by the Daily Record:

“We can confirm that Club 1872 has written to Stewart Roberson today to seek an explanation for this decision by the executive and PLC boards of Rangers Football Club.

“Regardless of the fee involved, alienating a significant portion of your supporter base cannot be seen as a sound commercial decision.

“Furthermore, the way in which this entire episode has been communicated to supporters once again highlights a lack of genuine supporter engagement, which has been replaced in the last two years by saturated marketing activity.

“Supporters remain, by far, the largest contributors to Rangers’ financial health and the Rangers Executives and PLC board would do well to remember that.”

Sadly for Club 1872, all they can do is boycott their club and send it to the wall to try and oust the people who have made shore it didn’t become liquidated again, much as they did when King came to town.

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