Union Bears Sydney cup Statement is a belter. Celts flood post to laugh

Well it is good to see that the Onion Bears are taking being part of Ange’s homecoming well, they have even compiled a deluded history lesson throwing in such propaganda as 150 years, the 4 lads and talk about fans past and present of the 10 year old club.

The facts are that they let their club die in 2012, formed a new one and bankrupted it in the lower leagues paying ridiculous payments and bonuses to their board members and manager and having the 2nd largest pay roll in the country in the 4th, 3rd and then second tier, twice.

They produced no players worthy of a transfer of any note, brough people like Alaves, Senderos, Boyd, Miller, Kranjcar and of course Barton to siphon as much as they can off for as little output as possible.

But don’t let any of that get in the way of a good read.

Below they are explaining that they have raised “thousands of pounds” for a tifo that may or may not be legible for the weekend vs Aberdeen.

Expect Ultras around the world to stand up and take notice of what “hundreds of man hours” can produce.

Celts are all over this post, jump on yourself and add your own reply, here are a few of the best.

The people are also confused about this, be warned there is lots of talk about the Ibrox mobs favourite subject on here.

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