Onion Bears £26k tifo is peak theft of deluded donors

Seriouslly when you hand your money over to the Onion bears in the hope they will produce a tifo you haven’t so much been robbed as you have thrown your coin down the toilet.

The Ibrox fan group are renown for producing expensive tifos that no one can read or understand, today was no different.

Even the numbers on the ground made no sense.

Incredibly the Ibrox fan group were trying to raise £35,000 for the display, maybe the reason it reeks of mince was that it came up £9000 short.

£26,181 of £35,000 and these ones have the temerity to say they are world class, we organised more for charity a dozens times over in hours than what they have attempted since October 29th.

It is as if their pretendy anniversary isn’t even something they are actually celebrating.

Check the quote retweets on this post above, they explain everything.

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