Horde flood video of Gers players blessing themselves: “Septic have issues with any protestant, Rangers had Catholics before Celtic existed, who are the real bigots ehh”

I remember when we called Boruc the Holy Goalie as he had the temerity to bless himself before the start of a football match, even at Ibrox.

One of the narratives being spun by what must be said was a far stronger SMSM at that stage was that Boruc was being deliberately inflammatory and shouldn’t have done it.

Before every derby there the nation held its breath before either letting out a cheer or a boo as Artur would quickly make the sign of the cross and turn and face for the match.

Something done the length and breath of the world by not just Roman Catholics but also by Orthodox Christians.

Shota Arveladze was a fine player in his time and copped pelters for blessing himself after a goal for the Oldco.

He had to explain that Orthodox Christians bless themselves differently and are not loyal to the Pope to get permission to continue without the boos.

Now how times have changed with 8 of 11 Sevco men blessing themselves as they take the field.

For mine, I think it is great that this club steeped in bigotry can bite its tongue whilst players prepare for the match as they are accustomed, no boos are heard.

This didn’t stop both sides of the divide getting angry about it and point scoring as is the norm, here is a selection of the comments, by all means jump on this thread and add your own.

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