Peak pain: Raging Newco’s pro Celtic referee conspiracy thread is delicious

Irony FC across the city are busy shining up their brass necks oblivious to the amount of farcical calls they receive week in week out, just on Saturday Bassey slammed into a defender in the box which should have been a foul, instead play was allowed to continue and the Ibrox club scored.

This is the third time this year that Aberdeen have been on the end of decision costing them points vs the Newco, Hibernian also can attest to some dodgy calls and Penalty to Rangers has come to the rescue over and again this year for soft fouls whilst the same isn’t applied for the 10 year old club’s opposition.

Bill however is howling at Celtic’s perceived favouritism.

What this shows more than anything is how much complaining the Newco does and also how much sensationalist guff the SMSM prints, it knows who its core readership is and is constantly pitching to narrow views of the Sevco fan base.

Celts were on hand to have a laugh, jump on this thread it is a belter.

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