Stan Collymore rinses “Loyal” Rangers and Chelsea in one beautiful tweet

Well a team from London which has been financially doping football since it was bought by a Russian Oligarch is now in the news, poor old Chelsea look like going back to the tin pot club they were before he arrived.

The West London outfit were the birth of modern football, at first it was amazing seeing players bought for ridiculous sums of money but it lead to the global inflation which has ruined football as a spectacle and confined it to the uber rich clubs.

Abramovich is feeling the heat after the latest news from the UK government has put some extremely strong sanctions on them, including transfer bans, ticket sale bans and restriction on travel.

As reported in Sky:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deputy spokesperson said: “It’s fair to say that the government is open to the sale of the club but, as has been said, that would require another licence and that would require further conversation with the Treasury and other departments”

“The important point is that in no way could it benefit Roman Abramovich or find its way back to Russia.”

The prime minister said there was “clear evidence” of Mr Abramovich’s “connection to the Putin regime”.

Stan was on hand to have a laugh.

This is of course true, should Chelsea go to the wall, it would only be Lindfield who have doped that League with their Windsor Park deal with Northern Ireland who would be awaiting the gallows.

What a time to be alive.

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