They know hee haw of the words, Sevco fans epic fail of their OWN songs

Seriously I am trying to keep up with all the tunes that Celtic fans are making up these days, the Top of the league tune is a belter, the give it to Postecoglou song seems antique now but not as old as Abada out on the wing and Kyogo doing his thing let alone Jota on the Wing and that’s just from this season.

It seems Newco fans particularly tourists have no idea about the words of any of their non Billy Boys songs, bar bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy la la la la la.

Itself one even the hard of thinking cannot forget.

Watch the state of these 2 videos below, 4 fellas had a dream and whatever on earth that other noise was.

Forever in our shadows, Celtic fans are boasting the biggest song sheet in football, if that is true or not I am not sure, but I can tell you this, we know the words to our own tunes.

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