Video: Big Kris Ajer send classy video to Falkirk teen footballer with Cancer

When Kris Ajer said toward the end of last season that a move was best for him and the club he worked his ticket without throwing the toys out of the pram, he stated he was a Celtic fan and gave his all right to the end of his contract.

He was duly rewarded for his hard work with a bumper move to the Premier League for £16 million and left Glasgow without any animosity or ill feeling.

Since then he has seen Brentford to a respectable 27 points and 6 points clear of the zone, it looks as if his club will survive next season which will only see him develop as a footballer, something that he stated was his prime motivation for the move.

He has shown with the below video that Scotland remains close to his heart with a real tear jerker of a video making the day of Ryan Thomson who is struggling with Hodgkin Lymphoma and needs chemotherapy in his bid to defeat it.

He has signed a strip for him and has a couple of Premier League tickets as well, pure class by the big man.

Watch the video below.

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