Aussie Bears snap up entire Sevco allocation as FF meltsdown over Sydney Cup

The Sydney Cup has certainly caused a few ruffled feathers across the divide, most Celts are quite calm about it now after we saw the complete meltdown across the way, this however is not shared by those Bears and Bearettes living in Oz.

Telstra customers are allowed to pre buy tickets between today Australian time and Friday morning in Sydney when general sale tickets will go on sale.

It appears as if the tournament itself may well sell out, one member on FF had some inside information.

This equals people sitting and waiting for the clock to hit 9 before buying whatever thy could, the ITK Bear gave off some more info but not before a few chose to rage, there are dozens of comments like this on the thread you can visit by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Speechless Bears had more news incoming.

So it took 45 minutes to sell out a grandstand! Not only this but Sevco fans are snapping up tickets in their own allocation in large numbers, expect general sale on Friday to be a bloodbath.

Red rocket seemed apologetic, joining in the rage but at the same time… has a brief in his pocket.

Ange’s homecoming is on, the games will sell out and we will make far more than them, come Friday expect the organisers to announce a massive uptake in tickets.

This won’t be the last thread on the matter you see this week.

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