“Penalty to Rangers” Damning evidence surfaces which rubbishes Morelos claim

The below photo shows a clear foul on the Dundee player which resulted in a penalty to Rangers, a scandalous one at that.

Celts had a laugh at the incident which was spoken about as a possible red card.

The analysis here by Boyd and the rest of the Sky crew is pathetic, I mean in what world is it a penalty?

What is worst about the entire incident is all the Ibrox clubs players in screen simultaneously appeal as if that will be enough to have the decision awarded.

It is as if they have a get out of jail card up their sleeve.

Today’s penalty was missed and didn’t influence the result of the game it must be said.

But yesterday we saw 3 hand balls and one penalty given, here we had Morelos foul a player and he was given a penalty.

With so much at stake in the coming months, decisions like this need to be called out, but do not expect an investigation of the former Ibrox season ticket holder, expect him to be given control of one of the upcoming derbies instead.

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