Sutton slams “most top flight referees” after penalty farce

Yesterday we saw a farcical penalty which in all my years of complaining about the Mason in the black showed that the officials are either corrupt, or horribly inept.

How can a player push a defender in the back, push him over in fact and be given a penalty?

It beggars belief and Chris Sutton too was perplexed by the decision and called out not just Madden but the majority of officials in Scotland.

The worst thing is with 3 derbies coming up, Madden will likely be given one with Beaton and Don Robertson to round out a treble of truly honking officials.

Beaton goes for drinks with Newco fans after a derby win and poses for photos, gets a banner made for his services and no one bats an eyelid, imagine that happened in any other European League let alone in England whereby you must declare the team you support.

Something long overdue in Scotland.

Bobby Madden of course is a former season ticket holder at Ibrox, again no one says a thing about this save Celtic fans.

There is so much at stake during the run in, penalty decisions which should have been a free kick to Dundee have the ability to swing the direction of the title, every goal is vital from now until the end.

After 2 months of howling that Celtic are getting it all their way with officials, the Ibrox support are bending the will of the referees with their warped victim complex.

The time to start hiring foreign referees with no ties to either side of Glasgow is long overdue, VAR will not help, goodness if we had VAR there may have been a red card to boot for him being the last defender.

Let that sink in.

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