Barry Fergusson rant: “Man up, Bang heads together, school boy stuff, petty politicking” Club 1872 and Rangers called out

Barry Fergusson, Mr. battle fever himself has put on the headmasters cap and is wrapping both The Rangers and a club founded in 2012 over the knuckles for their extraordinary outbursts this week.

I have read lots of guff Fud has printed in the Record down the years and must say in all my life I have never heard him make so much sense!

He kisses some butts in it towards the end and the like and then rambles on about his playing days, you can read the entire article by clicking here.

But the start of it is actually a good read, both Club 1872 and Rangers are carrying on in a petulant manner, to be fair they are in an envious position, a European Quarter Final a Scottish Cup date and the Premiership in their own hands should they beat us in both the derbies.

The crying from across the city over Ange’s Homecoming tour is a joke, they are picking up £5 million for 180 minutes of football for goodnbess sake.

Here is what Bazza had to say:

It’s time to man up.

I’ve been shocked by all this bickering this week between the Rangers board and Club 1872. Let’s just get this sorted out as soon as possible.

t’s school-boy stuff with the fan group casting all sorts of aspersions about the place, taking pops at Stewart Robertson, David Graham and James Bisgrove.

And the club didn’t exactly calm things with their overly-aggressive response.

It’s all just so unnecessary at a time when Rangers have so much to play for. For God’s sake, we’re still in the Premiership title fight and have a Scottish Cup semi-final against Celtic and Europa League last-eight tie with Braga coming up.

That’s where we should be putting our focus – not on petty politicking behind the scenes.

I get there are some serious issues that need to be addressed like the friendly in Australia and the relationship the club has with its own supporters.

But firing off shock jock statements is not the way to settle this.

What they should be doing is sitting down like men and arguing it out, preferably in private.

I know the club said they’d deal with Club 1872 at the end of the season but why wait? Meet face to face, eyeball to eyeball, and thrash things out and get it put to bed now. Why let it fester?

Someone needs to bang heads together and get this sorted because while all this quarrelling is going on off the pitch, Gio van Bronckhorst and his team are actually doing a fine job on it and this is the time we should really be putting on a united front.

But it’s not healthy when a club is beset with the kind of infighting we’ve seen this week.

Everyone wants Rangers to be successful – me included. Off the pitch, normally I can’t complain about this board. They’ve been excellent these past two or three years.

But so have the fans.

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