Rangers Tax Case brilliant tweet: “Rangers’ death is the obvious reason for making a fuss”

We saw a club founded in 2012 celebrate its 150th birthday the other day and also watched as a man who is clearly ill kicked out at a ball boy and played an imaginary flute to play to the crowd. however there is a subtext you will not see anywhere in the SMSM.

The match was played with a Rangers team with 10 of the 11 players having received EBT’s, themselves the financial instruments which crippled the Oldco and ultimately scared off investors leading to the club being sold for a pound.

It then fell into administration and was eventually liquidated when HMRC demanded their payment with a CVA being ruled out.

One reason it has been stated that it was ruled out was that HMRC was in court against Oldco Rangers as it has since become known after its eventual liquidation.

Had their been transparency with HMRC let alone compliance, there would still be a club called Rangers with its 150 year history intact.

Alas, in an 8 minute meeting they were wound up, of course we all remember the 5 way agreement, SPL, SFA, SFL, Oldco Rangers and Newco Rangers, the last 2 are now simply known as the same old Ranjuurs.

Never forget they died, we all watched it, so did they, they may as well have a 500th anniversary in August to raise some funds, they can bring Gazza back as well, he is a good fit with Scotland’s shame.

One thought on “Rangers Tax Case brilliant tweet: “Rangers’ death is the obvious reason for making a fuss”

  1. The newco was refused the oldco place by the teams in the spfl.
    Charles Green applied for membership and was admitted to the lower tier of Scottish football….but to do so was required to submit 3 years of audited accounts……which was not possible because the sevco didn’t exist.
    To get around that, the sfa accepted the oldco previous accounts.

    That’s in itself, fraudulent…because those accounts were tainted by millions of debt and illegal ebt payments….

    So how did those accounts pass muster to allow admittance for the newco ??

    Surely.the two clubs…o e with bad accounts…one without …cannot use each.others books….they are different companies….is that not fraud ?

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