Gio Hammer blow as Morelos “wont be available this Sunday and I think we will lose him for a longer time”

The Ibrox club has had a major blow as GVB has confirmed that Alfredo Morelos is not only out for the Glasgow Derby but could yet be missing for a matter of weeks.

The interview with Sky was a strange one where GVB said that he really wanted to be involved in Oldfirm games but at the same time when he was asked a veiled question about the Sydney Super Cup didn’t seem keen on playing it then.

The question was framed Now the whole Australia thing is off the agenda do you think you are able to concentrate on the football and there are no other distractions this time.

He then bubbles around saying they are always concentrating etc and then says it is a positive there are no more protests.

I wonder if the lack of a fee and the amount the fine comes to are also positives, you wouldn’t think so.

You can watch the entire interview here.

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