Bears rinse Kamara “New Lee McCulloch, poor all season, taking lessons at hiding from Aribo”

The valuation of Glenn Kamara at £15 million is in fact a fantasy figure, it may have been printed in the SMSM but no one ever actually offered or even said that much outloud.

Of course it was whipped up after some good performances saw Juventus send a scout, then Sevco and the SMSM decided to price them out of the move and no one has been seen since.

He has largely been played out of position in the number 10 role this season and has failed abysmally, now the fans themselves are turning on him.

Jump on this thread, it is a belter.

Celts on this thread are slaughtering the idea of him ever havin been worth £15 million.

However there are lots of Bears on board complaining, here is a wee sample.

The Ibrox clubs season is hanging by a thread, Celtic have the league in hand, a Scottish Cup semi final has us taking in all the momentum and they trail a goal to nil in their Europa League Quarter Final.

The next couple of weeks will be very interesting indeed.

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