Oldfirm fishing trip: “Outstanding patter, Tweet of the week, So many Celtic fans not getting it makes it even better”

After last weeks Oldfirmathon at Ibrox many have reacted to their cringeworthy display from both sides of the fence, but one Tim has taken matters even further with some outstanding patter.

This might even catch on, we might as well start calling Sevco ‘Oldfirm’ if they are so desperate to plaster the term all over their stadium.

Here are some of the quote retweets.

The original post has over 1500 likes but it is the Celtic fans who have been hooked on this which makes it funny.

He even dropped hints for some.

BA O’Neill has only 133 followers at this stage, if you like the patter giver yer man a follow.

And for the avoidance of doubt, 3 points is a must today so we can go 9 clear of the ‘Oldfirm.’

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