Kemar Roofe song slammed by both sets of fans “Hilariously bad, absolutely pish, don’t sing that again, delete”

The levels between the Green Brigade and the Onion Bears knows no bounds, this season as we have heard a new chant surface every month.

From Abada and Kyogo, Give it to Postecoglou, Top of the League, Jota on the wing and even the Papa Francesco chant being changed to Ange Postecoglou let alone Watching Glasgow Celtic putting on a show, our fans excel time and time again with new songs for us to sing.

With Talisman Alfredo Morelos out injured for the rest of the season and Kemar Roofe getting a hattrick against a team that has won against Dundee in its last 7 matches, Ra Peepa are in need of a hero to sing for.

Whoever wrote this needs to put his crayons away, it is admirable at least that this song doesn’t have nay wading through blood within it.

It will be interesting to see if this is sung at Hampden on Sunday.

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