Viral reply to Old Firm fanzine’s Cup Semi attack on the North Curve points to massive hypocrisy

Old Firm fans are complaining about the Green Brigade’s plans to bring Tricolours to the game on Sunday after its own tifo was banned for unknown reasons.

We have seen some hysterical posts in all fairness online with The Rangers fans doing what they do best, complain and then copy.

Expect tens of thousands of union flags at the stadium as tit for tat FC will hit back.

But there is one particular fanzine which is allegedly covering football from all angles but loves to lecture Celtic.

Of course it is The 4th official who would wear a sash and adjudicate on every part of the game if they had the chance.

They took to Twitter to complain about the use of ‘War’ in a twitter post even though the majority of the poppy wearing bouncy bouncy people at Armed forces day or on Remembrance day are absolutely obsessed with it.

Their grandfathers service in the shipyards cannot be forgotten.

The hypocrites have the hide to complain about using the word war when they constantly talk about blood and guts and battle fever when referring to the Glasgow Derby.

Come Sunday, it will be war among 22 players on the pitch, with the temperature raised significantly after the banning of the tifo and the call to bring flags, expect a massive police presence.

Each others standard is a red rag to a bull for the others after all, half a stadium full of them could have things spill over.

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