Follow Follow Meltdowns: Smug Old Firm Vlogger begs for Euro horror for SPFL

Some people have a face only a mother can love and this Sevco vlogger fits the bill in every way.

He has taken to his wee channel to talk up Villareal’s chances of winning the Champions League and therefor depriving the SPFL winners of direct qualification to the Champions League.

Villareal currently have Liverpool and should they win that the winners between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Whilst unlikely it will have us on edge.

Far before we have that to worry about is this weekends game vs the Newco, a win sets up a chance at a treble and could potentially torpedo Sevco’s season.

They of course have a crucial game tonight where they trail by 1 goal against Braga, should the Portuguese win the tie expect bedlam online.

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