“Europa Semis bigger than a treble” Sevvies begin making their excuses.

It has to be said that the Newco have made us all a little jealous of their European run, I was at Villareal in 2004 for the 1-1 draw and that literally seems like a million years ago, in truth it was a generation back.

By that I mean if I had got a girl pregnant that night my kid would be joining me in the pub as an adult in a few months, something that is mental in itself.

Our record after Christmas is woeful and something that needs addressed.

That said, there are no trophies for continuing in a competition without winning it, it seems like some are bracing themselves for failure.

Celtic have won 7 trebles, the same amount the Oldco won before it died, these records are actually world records as no other team has won more.

Should Celtic win a treble this year, we will take the world record for ourselves.

Sevco are yet to win a treble, or a cup, they have no right to talk about either, let alone a European trophy.

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