Spiers: “My God this Rangers songbook. How the hell do we drag these people into the 21st century?”

Graham Spiers has again showed himself a reputable journalist calling out Sevco’s song book which today has the Billy Boys and No one likes us songs among many others where Fenians can either have their blood waded through or be chased everywhere.

The whole idea of “surrender or you’ll die” actually means convert or you will die, The Rangers and terror groups ion the middle east actually have something in common here, forced conversion or extermination of minorities seems to be a common thread.

That we are still listening to this from the “small minority” is woeful, I am not saying our own song sheet isn’t offensive to the other side of the fence lauding the fact the Provo’s and the old Brigade gave the UK a hiding but we at least are not singing about ethnic cleansing.

The Scottish Cup final will be between Hearts and The Rangers, expect Rule Britannia, GSTQ and others to be sung by both sets of fans, still furthermore expect the Ibrox fans to sings about killing us, they simply cannot let us go.

Do not expect these people to amend their ways, they see no fault in their action after all.

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