Union Bears gate crash SWPL with “fireworks and smoke bombs” aimed at kids as Gio pleads for extension

No one likes us we don’t care was the cry, the worlds most successful football club is again embroiled in pushing all the boundaries it can, over writing all the facts and history available and oh yes, claiming victim status throughout.

It is even playing the we are Scotland’s representative card, the brass neck on them knows no end.

On that, the world class Onion bears gate crashed a SWPL fixture last night between Hamilton and Motherwell and threw fireworks and smoke bombs at children in what was a free admission family day for supporters in particular families to enjoy.

Here are some of the replies.

Here is the original post.

All the same this is the narrative in the SMSM.

Today Celtic play the Newco who are looking to reach the second Scottish Cup final in their 10 year history.

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