Spiers calls out Rangers leadership as police mount investigation into sectarian mob they gave an escort to

Graham Spiers has taken to twitter to condemn Sevco for allowing their fans to act the way they do, yesterday he called out the song sheet and today as a police investigation came to light questioned why the Newco allow such offences.

Primarily, why does Stewart Robertson say and do nothing when this is a continual blight not just on their club but Scotland as a whole.

As reported in the above below.

“Police Scotland had a proportionate plan in place to support the event and to deal swiftly with acts of violence, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

“Prior to kick off a group of Rangers supporters were escorted to the stadium.

“The focus of the policing operation at this time was public safety and the quick movement away from an area where there was a high risk of disorder between supporter groups.

“Video evidence footage was taken at that time and enquiries are now ongoing into alleged sectarian and anti-Catholic singing from those being escorted.

“Anti-Catholic and indeed all forms of hate crime are completely unacceptable and today’s events again remind us of the ongoing challenges we have in some parts of Scotland with sectarianism.

“Police Scotland must of course play its part in a wider and joined up response and I expect arrests to be made following today’s match.”

Indeed, don’t hold your breath, soon it will be July and they will be walking down your street.

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