FF Meltdowns classic “No way did one of them post that, Na who said this, cringe”

Well the People are mixing up Cup and League standings, whilst the Newco have made their second Scottish Cup against a different team from the capital, they also remain 6 points below us in the League.

It looks as if they will have the chance to cut that back to 3 points a day earlier than expected which means nothing, we have to look after our own campaign and they were always to play before us so it is inconsequential.

That said, Ra Peepa are jumping up and down at the fact that VAR came a little late for the Bobby Madden horror show.

The tune that Celtic fans have been singing since we took the lead is a belter, I assume most of us know it by heart, the facts are that they have only had a wee time top of the league and that was without fans so they are a bit behind on singing.

Unless it is about wading through blood or yelling bouncy bouncy if that can be categorised as singing.

This thread is a belter, the clown has bitten as well and is replying to posts, by all means tell him how you feel about his take on our song.

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