Sevco Tom hits back at Vata remark but Celts catch him out with “140 years of Rangers has gone down the plug hole today” clip

The Rangers TV commentator @TomCommentator called the youth match in the Glasgow Cup a few days back in a game Celtic lost on penalties, when Rocco Vata came up to take his penalty his international choice of Ireland came up which took a few Celts by surprise.

Celts are Here called him out claiming a passive aggressive comment and calling him a weirdo, others retweeted this with their own complaints.

Ever since McGeady nominated to play for the Republic of Ireland this has been a smouldering issue for those who since 2012 are among the proud no more Scots still fuming at the lack of support from the SFA for the dying club but not irritated by the lack of title stripping from Lord Nimmo.

Listen to the clip below.

Celts however did some digging, there is always a tweet as they say or in this case, always a clip.

This is actually a perfect explanation of what happened in 2012, that it is now something that is repressed by both fans and the media is laughable.

We know Tom, we have been saying this for 10 years, glad we have it here for you to listen to.

Not passive aggressive, only made an observation. I make no judgement.

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