Lennon lashes out at fans in latest interview about blowing the 10

Neil Lennon is doing his legacy at Celtic further harm with yet another interview which has gone down like a lead balloon with Celtic supporters.

Speaking to PLZ Soccer he takes no ownership of his own failings and instead sprays this off to the support, mentality and the pandemic.

The facts are that he lost the dressing room, one which he should have refreshed with new faces on the back of selling stars who wanted away.

He then threw them under a bus after our defeat to Ferencvaros and should have either transfer listed Edouard, Christie and Ajer on the spot or left the position.

That the board didn’t sack him then and waited until we were not just out of the running but in a laughable position is a joke which will forever haunt Lawwell and cloud his own legacy at Celtic.

There are 100 quote retweets almost all from angry Celts in the first hour this has been up, check them out to gauge just how far Lenny has miss read the room.

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