Tory shame as councillor dumped: “A lot of pape families moved in so they could get their kids to the best performing bigot factory in Scotland.”

The Daily Record has reported on a would be Tory councillor who is even too much of a bigot for their list on May 5th, he has since been dropped after the following was unearthed on a unionist forum.

This sort of language is pretty much the norm among the Orange order and its Mason affiliates, the facts are that schools have been segregated for many years and not just on the lines of faith.

Wealth is the great divider, the rich do not share a a classroom with those who cannot understand the simple things of history like liquidation meaning death or overthrowing your king and installing another foreign one isn’t loyalty.

Father Anthony was among many to call out the nonsense which is as he says impossible to deny.

It will be very interesting in 2 weeks time, the local Scottish elections are one thing but those going on in Ulster could provide a sea change, should Sinn Fein be elected as the largest party, expect this sort of rhetoric to go through the roof.

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