Irish CSC turns on Sky Sports after broadcasters latest snub

Celtic is blessed to have so many fans around the world and not just in Scotland and Norn Iron, from the latter constituency we have been hearing about how some will miss the chance to vote as they will be at a game at half past seven.

No real thought has gone into that load of complaining other than to say that the people want rules bent for them at an election, seriously must be the first time in history.

But Celtic have been given 3 matches at home with all the kick offs at 12:00-12:15, this gives very little time for Celts from the Republic who number in the thousands among our season ticket holders to get to the matches.

We saw a nonsensical piece of scheduling from UEFA still see us get over 50,000 to an afternoon game vs Ferencvaros earlier in the season and of course this was very hard for local Celts let alone our Irish and other CSC’s to attend.

It is fair for us to get one of these games or even two, it is normal for the derby to be early but all 3 is a slap in the face from a TV broadcaster who has little love from the fans.

Here is our schedule.

Celts reacted on the post with sympathy for the fans and derision for Sky.

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