Joe Black raging: ” If we do lose this league the sickening thing will be that it was won by a team who are not very good”

Oh diddums’, wee Joe isn’t happy with his MBE or 85 caps for Ulster, the Irish sea border is hurting him as well and Celtic managing to win a tricky fixture at Dingwall seems to push the State Aid Lunatic over the edge.

Now apparently the best rebuild in Scottish history is also being called into question.

If I am being real, I would say that Goldson, Bassey, Aribo and fresh air would have a chance at Celtic, the rest of that club wouldn’t have a chance of playing in our first XI.

But Joe has other ideas, it seems that a club that managed over 30 domestic games unbeaten isn’t up to the standards of the Ibrox club.

Celts had a wee laugh at this, that said we are all hearts fans come the Scottish Cup Final.

The above thread is a load of fun, jump on before Angus deletes his account again.

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