“SPFL should withhold TV monies” Sevco caught out blanking Motherwell’s sponsors

You have to wonder who is running Scottish Football, truly the lunatics are running the asylum as the picture below shows.

Yesterday’s match heard them giving the Pope a rest as it was FTSFA instead, coming at a game which was moved to help the Europa League bid by the SPFL.

The SPFL is sponsored by Cinch, a company which offers the same services a Newco sponsor, for this reason the 10 year old club has refused to show its branding at Ibrox.

But yesterday they went a step further in their petulance, by covering over the sponsorship of Cinch at Fir Park, this simply isn’t their right.

It amounts to vandalism of a sponsorship board and also is depriving Motherwell and the Leagues sponsor (same as every club) of having their sponsorship shown, one they have already paid for.

Old Firm FC should be punished in the only place that matters, in the hip pocket, that they are allowed to opt out of a deal for everyone due to their own narrow self interest is one thing, that they can alter the sponsorship arrangements of others is a scandal.

Until someone stands up to the Ibrox club it will continue to get its way at everything under the sun, we saw yesterday a penalty given for a Newco player falling over on the back of a disgraceful performance from Bobby Madden last week.

Now they can complain about the SFA board who helps them and blank the sponsors of the SPFL, again, the lunatics are running the asylum.

Something has to change.

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