Video FF Meltdowns: Peas and leak make the banned list. “It just gets to a point where it’s actually worrying, beyond parody, different breed”

People say that Sevco fans have an unhealthy obsession with child abuse but this seems to have been trumped by those who have an unhealthy obsession with the colour of healthy food.

I must say I love peas, hate beans, can eat leak or lettuce in a salad, not the biggest fan of spinach but partial to baby spinach in a stir fry and absolutely hate green apples, red ones taste much nicer.

I know I know, I need to be sent to a gulag to be re-educated on what colour food i should prefer!

The people’s hate of green is unhealthy, be it subway signs in Larkhall, Barry McKay’s green boots at Ibrox or Peperami in a sock, their hate of green things is as sick as their hate of eggs Benedict.

Check the state of this whopper.

With the league on the line on the weekend, a European fixture in Germany before that and one after, the people will likely need all the vitamins and minerals they can get.

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