Viral Celt slams lazy BBC reporting on Lisbon Lions

Steve McGrory is a season ticket holder at Celtic Park and proud of the club he loves and its unbroken history and traditions, the key moment of which was winning the European Cup in 1967, something that the BBC seems to have either forgotten, omitted or simply didn’t know.

Whichever of those it was it is a scandal that the first British club to win the big cup is so often overlooked.

In an era of mercenaries from all over the planet and clubs like the English top 4 willing to jump in bed with Super Leagues at the drop of a hat, or should I say wallet, the fact that a club with every player within walking distance to the stadium won the greatest honour of all is something that should be celebrated more widely.

It forever will be by Celtic fans.

It is little wonder swathes of people are refusing to pay their license fee for the Unionist broadcaster.

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