BBC Journo slammed for saying Rangers are “still the best team in Scotland” after today’s game

Andrew Dickson, yeah I know never heard of him either but apparently he has an award in Shakespeare, I kid you not, check, the picture below from his website extolling his freelance virtues, anyway, he has something to say about Scottish Football all of a sudden.

Check the state of this one.

So an arts reporter who does some freelance for the BBC and The Guardian is fishing for a job playing to the horde.

If his Masonic credentials stack up we will see him and Boyd agreeing with Craigan about the peoples 151st season very soon.

Before that check his tweet below, BTW, who adds Mr before their name in your twitter handle?

If you do please unfollow me.

Celts were on hand to explain the mathematical facts to Dickson.

There are dozens of replies to this and many a wee Zombie agreeing with the freelance fisherman.

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