Why 41 Scottish clubs are cheering for Celtic today

Last week we heard Kris Boyd both described as a Rangers Legend and also hear him call for all fans in Scotland to support Sevco in their maiden European title chase.

This was met with disdain across the board, but today there is no need to call for the fans of other clubs to cheer on Celtic, there will be 60,000 of the faithful in Paradise to do that.

But for the clubs who all want to be paid at the end of the season after a year of promoting Cinch they simply must have a champion who is willing to stand as the Cinch Premiers in front of Cinch signage with ribbons with Cinch likely written on them in order to collect the award with representatives of Cinch present.

If The Rangers win the Premiership, the champions will not fulfil their contractual obligations and Cinch will almost certainly withhold the monies due to all 42 clubs.

Should Celtic place one hand on the trophy at full time, 41 clubs in Scotland will breathe a sigh of relief, you would assume that Celtic would be more than happy to receive the award and give Cinch all the publicity and access to the champions as is normal for a league sponsor.

In said good faith, you would think that at least 41 compliant clubs would receive the cash they have in truth earned through fulfilment of contractual obligations, that one club has put all of this in danger for its own contrived self interests whilst taking loans from the SNP and whoever else will stump up some money is a disgrace.

The SFA, SPFL and Fitba in general need to demand that they are compliant next season or they should start with a 10 point deduction for failure to comply with the basic requirements of the competition.

We cannot continue to have one club dictate to the rest of us.

I am not saying that all 41 clubs fans will be cheering for Celtic, but quietly at least, the chairman and board members of their clubs simply must.

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