“It’s just glorious to shut these fuds up” Viral video of deluded Sevco Vloggers goes viral

Oh what a difference a year makes, the cut of these podcasters mouthing off predicting that Celtic would finish 3rd this season and that 56 or whatever a second title is known as was theirs for the taking.

We have heard the Newco’s fans make far too much noise for the last couple of years, it started when the pandemic hit and the League was called with explosive dossiers being compiled.

It moved on to the death of wee Terry Munro whereby Sevco couldn’t be penalised or receive a red card, unless it was in Europe.

This season after a bright start and with Celtic in a state of flux the league was called in October, parallels to Pedro were made and the house of cards was set to collapse as King had forseen.

Then Slippy looked happy, we won the League Cup, closed the gap and had the winter break moved fortuitously with all of Scottish football in agreement.

Then with Gio at the helm they lost the derby, forgot how to win away for a month and then found themselves 6 points behind.

The Europa League run has them dreaming and in all seriousness I can’t fault them there, why not.

But as the premiership slips away, the delusion continues, this season was supposed to be about rebuilding, instead we are looking forward to doing the double and playing in the Champions League with a massive payday to boot.

Check this video out, it is a belter.

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