Athletic podcasts smears Celtic support over Joe Hart, “They just hate him for being English”

I have heard some guff in fan media, but the Athletics’ Tifo football podcast takes the biscuit with 3 muppets sitting around making a Vlog after watching a YouTube highlights reel of the Glasgow Derby.

When the second goal went in I myself said “not good enough, must do better than that”, then we continued and Joe pulled off a class save off his forearms to make sure we got a point.

A massive point, one more than likely worth close to £40 million.

I have loved having Joe at Celtic, if only he came a year earlier and I will again be honest, I thought he was spent, I thought his negative highlights reel was too risky for the 10.

If only we had signed him instead of Barkas.

I struggle to think there are any Celtic fans who wouldn’t wish we had big Joe instead of Barkas last year.

He has been amazing all season and has become a real fan favourite, he is certainly one of my favourite players as big Fraser was a few years back.

He was English too, I suppose I just forgot to hate him.

Listen to this:

The replies back this up, everyone loves Joe and no one doubts his commitment to the cause.

When the champions medals are handed out, his performances between the sticks will have done as much as any of the outfielders and more for securing 52,

In a week when Sevco have complained about elderly and disabled people getting pelted only for videos to emerge of their neds throwing bottles at us, it is normal to see the SMSM run some guff to deflect.

It seems the pay to read Athletic is going the same way.

If this is how they categorise Celtic fans, this blog is one for the watching.

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